Mardi 15 février 2011

white handbags British man 62 years using the system 432 warships matchstick model (Figure)

 white handbags British man 62 years using the system 432 warships matchstick model (Figure)Philip made with a match stick model of more than 400 warships ,white handbagsInternational Online Zhuangao: According to the Britishthe British Royal Navy to produce fleet in service since 1945,louis vuitton laptop bag, has had all the ships model. learned that the name Philip? Warren's model enthusiasts aged 79,miu miu bags, he is a British Branford retired director of a company. He started from the age of 17 made with a match stick model of their favorite things. He collected model produced 432 ships,baby phat handbags, there is the famous. Since 1953,lv bags on sale, Philip's work on exhibition in the UK began,louis vuitton bags discount, all the people visiting his craft amazed. Phillips said that in 1948,kate landry handbags, his fanatical love making models with a match stick. Since then,louis vuitton never full bag, he began making the Royal Fleet warships each a model of service. Each model is made according to the ratio of 1:300,louis vuitton purses, and are using an ordinary match sticks carved by a knife and sandpaper carefully polished and then glued to a fixed,real louis vuitton bags on sale, and finally painted with pigments made of. Every detail on the ships are carved out with a match stick,designer handbags on sale, such as batteries,cheap handbags, machine guns,authentic handbags, missiles and even parked on the deck of the details of each aircraft model can be seen in Philip,discount purse, all models are lifelike. Philip said,lancel bags, when making a model,lamb bags, he will collect on the warship in almost all pictures and text description and careful study in order to produce models and prototype Folks out. Average ships to spend at least 1500 match stick,louis vuitton purse, took three months to produce complete. Every year he used to make the model match stick to reach 650,bags louis vuitton,000. Some larger ships models,handbag outlet, one a match will take more than 5,discount purses,000 a year to complete. model in Philip's room furnishings specialist,buy handbags, Philip ships models are each carefully placed in neat blue cloth lined with long tables,cheapest louis vuitton handbags, and are placed in front of each model has its the name of a small prototype of the card. Philip said that the reason to do with a blue cloth substrate,pre owned louis vuitton handbags, is to create a warship in the sea and ride the results. Many collectors want to buy a high-priced model of Philip,louis vuitton discount, but Philip said he would not sell them,louis vuitton pet carrier, because these models is invaluable for him,brown bag, it has witnessed the history of that section is unforgettable. (HAILAN)
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